The Ava-J skin care range is 100% made in the U.K. and each product is subject to our quality guarantee before it is made available to you. All of our products go through a rigorous testing process to deliver a product quality you have never experienced before. Shop Skin Care


Showcasing our Blue Hooded Robe and Black Skinny Lounge Pants

This stylish sleeveless blue hooded wrap round robe with belt fastening is perfect lounge wear for that quiet evening in or a simple cover up while getting ready for that big night out. Its stylish, fun and yet attractively leaves little to the imagination! Now Only...

Chafing – Wrong trousers – No its the wrong underwear

Is Your Underwear Causing Thigh Chafing   Oh, Ouch! Chafing. The rubbing together of your thighs, throw in a bit of sweat, heat and movement and BAM! you have thigh rub also know as chafed thighs or chub rub!.     In most cases it boils down to wearing...

Love your lips this winter

Free lip balm with every purchase this January   Winter comes with so many troubles and chapped lips are one of the most common troubles faced by men. No one wants flaky lips, for one thing they are a huge turn off. Fortunately, this problem can be reversed by...


The Ava-J range of underwear is designed in house specifically to maximise that delicate balance of style and comfort to make sure you look great and feel good.  Quality is at the heart of all our design decisions across the full clothing rangeShop Underwear

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Ava-J brings outstanding designed products to the market, we are focused on developing high quality underwear, loungewear and skincare for men which you can rely on...Read More