Is Your Underwear Causing Thigh Chafing


Oh, Ouch! Chafing. The rubbing together of your thighs, throw in a bit of sweat, heat and movement and BAM! you have thigh rub also know as chafed thighs or chub rub!.




In most cases it boils down to wearing the wrong kind of underwear.  Everything from the type of material to the style of your underwear can lead to chafed thighs. This can be a very uncomfortable condition.


Wearing cotton underwear for its absorbency, breathability and softness.  Cotton is gentle on the skin.  Its absorbancy wisks away perspiration.  Its breathability facilitates evaporation of moisture that would otherwise be trapped by synthetics. The softness of cotton feels gentle on the skin.


Wearing long leg boxers designed to keep you manhood in place.  The longer leg prevents skin on skin contact. This is one of the causes chafing leaving you free to pursue any activities in comfort free from chafing and rubbing.



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