Subscription: How It Works

It’s simple as tell us what underwear or skincare products you like. Place your order and get brand new underwear and skincare products delivered to your door every month.

Ava-J’s subscription service is so simple to use, we provide you with high quality modern underwear and skincare products every month, delivered straight to your door and all for only £25.00. In addition, you will qualify for discount codes across the Ava-J range, periodic surprise gifts, and up to date information about new product lines and events.

Do you struggle to know which Skincare products work best for you and why, or do you keep running out of one product before the other related ones? Try something different let our expertise work for you. The Ava-J subscription service removes all the hassle and bombardment and confusion of the decision making. You will have the confidence of knowing we specialise in mens skincare, we design and manufacture in house and we listen to our customers. The Ava-J subscription service delivers a new skincare product straight to your door every month. With a selection of moisturisers, exfoliating scrubs to suit your needs.

Underwear shopping is not every man’s idea of heaven but we all still want to wear the best and look and feel great. If you’re sick of going through your underwear draw and wearing the same few faded pairs week after week, waiting for Christmas undies does not have to shape your collection. At Ava-J we have made it easy for you to get high quality well fitting, great looking briefs without the grief of high street shopping. As part of our subscription service not only will you receive your skincare products you will also receive a pair of new underwear, delivered straight to your door every month. All you need do is tell us your size and leave the rest to us.