About Us

Ava-j founded in 2014

Created to indulge men in the art of receiving wonderful British made men’s underwear and skincare.
Our Underwear is designed in house made for comfort and style. We hand gift wrap every pair of underwear purchased so men too can experience the luxury of buying underwear women have been enjoying for years.
Our Skincare is carefully created to improve the appearance of your skin and make you feel better about yourself.  In 2018 we won the beauty shortlist award for Best Mens face wash with our charcoal Carbo Carbonis Face Wash. We continue to update our range to bring you quality skincare products, all our products are parabens free and not tested on animals.
Ava-j is a multi-award-winning family business based in Yorkshire.  The name ava-j is simply the first initial of the first name of the four siblings ie A is for Alice V is for Victoria A is for Aidan and J is for Joe.
Thank you for shopping with ava-j
If you would like to discuss working with ava-j, becoming a brand ambassador or stocking our products please us the contact form on the contact page