The Ava-J skin care range is 100% made in the U.K. and each product is subject to our quality guarantee before it is made available to you. All of our products go through a rigorous testing process to deliver a product quality you have never experienced before. Shop Skin Care


Loving your post-holiday skin?

Loving your post-holiday skin? Preparing our skin before we go on holiday has become a ritual for men and women. Soft, smooth skin that will tan easily is our goal. But what about when we get back home. We crave to keep hold of the smooth golden skin for as long as...

Weight Loss and why its important to look after your skin

Looking after your skin Don’t be disheartened. After having worked so hard to lose weight, you can be left with unsightly sagging or lose skin.  There are things you can do to tone the skin and get it back into shape.  Everyone want to be thin and toned these days,...


The Ava-J range of underwear is designed in house specifically to maximise that delicate balance of style and comfort to make sure you look great and feel good.  Quality is at the heart of all our design decisions across the full clothing rangeShop Underwear

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Ava-J brings outstanding designed products to the market, we are focused on developing high quality underwear, loungewear and skincare for men which you can rely on...Read More