avaj offers four unique, quality ranges suited to the sophisticated modern men of today. A wide range of skincare for men, underwear, nightwear and accessories. The avaj range of products are 100% made in Britain and not tested on animals whilst whoever you are buying for, your avaj purchase will come personally and thoughtfully wrapped, ready for you to receive. (For Full Review Go To Blonde Male Blog )

I've been using these products for the past month now and I'm serioulsy impressed.  They come nicely packaged and feel really luxurious.  The packaging is metal with simplistic branding.  In my opinion, its some of the nicest packaging I've come accross.  It feels really expensive.  We deserve a treat, right guys (For full review go to

Shaun Dickson 25/05/16  - Manchester based male blogger

Amazing Products... Leaves your skin feeling brand new I certainly would recommend these fabulous products to everyone thank you.

Nigel Fieldhouse 12/04/15

Just received my underwear in Denmark.  Their products are brilliant

A.Bo 31/12/15

Comfy, Sexy, undies

B.Mortimer 12/01/16

Such an amazing comfortable brief, if you don't win, buy one you won't regret it!

Kit Wilde 30/03/16

Mr Bright Eyes cream! Been using it every day for a few weeks and despite being absolutely shattered from being in 9 hour rehersals every day there isnt an eye bag in sight definately worth checking them out!

Jonathan Barakat 21/05/16

So love your kit 17/01/17

The fit was perfect, the mix of Cotton and Elastine just as most underwear companies use, but seemed to be a lot softer and have a much more ‘stretch’ in them, so making them feel like a second skin!
Review by Briefmania Jan 2017

In just 3 days the eye cream has done wonders for me
Curtis 25/05/17

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