The History of the jock strap

As you have probably noticed if you follow us on social media we are celebrating #JOCKTOBER! It’s the perfect time for us to showcase to you all our range of British made enhancing jock briefs and for all of you to get involved and show off your Jock pics! It doesn’t matter what you look like its your time to be proud of your body and who you are! Or you can just enjoy all the pictures that #JOCKTOBER Brings!

So, our very first jock brief was the Jet-Black Jock Brief a twist on the original jock strap, as it still secures your “family Jewels” in our enhancing pouch that lifts and supports but looks more like a brief whilst still keeping the revealing back feature but without the straps hence the name Jock Brief!

The very first Jock Strap or Bike Jockey Strap was invented by Mr C.F Bennett in 1874, It was created for the male bicycle messengers working on the cobbled streets of Boston USA. In 1897 Mr Bennett started his own company The Bike Web Company and started to manufacture Bike Jockey Briefs, the company went on to change its name to The Bike Company and was the leading producer of Jock Straps till 2016 when the company and its trade marks were bought by Russell Athletic.

Jockstraps have been used for a variety of other uses since there original design such as in medicine for recovery from surgery and in a lot of different sports and weight lifting. In Fact, the jock strap was altered by a Canadian company in 1927 by adding the cup feature to allow for a hard protection cup to protect the “family Jewels” from a stray hockey puck, other variations of the jock strap have been developed for swimming and dancing.

As underwear started to become more fashionable in the 1980s Jock Straps lost their popularity as the new tighter boxer briefs could support a cup. As homosexuality became more a more acceptable and the rise in new exciting underwear brands the Jock strap came back available in more styles and colours then ever before!