Proudly Made in Britain


Did you know all ava-j products are Made In Britain.

As ava-j has grown over the last 4 years with an increase in sales internationally and in the UK. So too have our manufacturing needs.

From the word go ava-j made a conscious decision to make all our products in Britain.

The underwear and clothing ranges are manufactured in Leicestershire. The Skincare is Made in Yorkshire.  All the accessories are sourced from British producers. We have built great relationships with our manufacturers, this gives us control over the quality of our products.  And furthermore, the flexibility over the design outputs.

We have taken great pride that our products are made here in Britain. And we also believe it builds on a long tradition of quality products.

The overall international demand on British Made goods is on the rise year on year.  Having the products made in the UK allows us to break away from the mass production products swamping the market today. Goods made in other countries, where you can have for example; a pair of men’s underwear produced to requirements, fully labelled and bagged for a $1.14.

Our material cost alone far exceeds this. So you have to ask yourself who’s making these products and what are the working conditions and wages?

Therefore, we chose to be a British Brand and pride ourselves on being a responsible business.  Our localised approach means the carbon footprint of the products is reduced.  Manufacturing locally helps getting Britain Manufacturing again.  We think this is a good thing and furthermore supporting the small manufacturers that go the extra mile for us.

We would be very happy to see Britain become a nation of makers again and thank you for continual support.