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Best Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend According to His Zodiac Sign

No matter how much you love your boyfriend, any search for a present can be a dull and boring endeavor. However, if you have run out of time or ideas, since you’ve already bought him everything that you could possibly think of, you should choose your gift in accordance with his zodiac sign. Take a look at the following list as it will definitely make this job much easier for you.



Aries are very difficult to please when it comes to presents, so it would be best to choose something you simply KNOW they will like. If he’s the sporty type, you should go with the tickets for a match he would like to see. If, on the other hand, he’s more of a concert-goer, getting him tickets for the concert of his favorite artist might just be the perfect gift.


At times pretty much materialistic, a Taurus dictates that you simply cannot get them anything. The best thing to settle for is a bottle of his favorite drink. For example, if he is a whiskey connoisseur, in order to find the best one, you should try to do a bit of homework and order the best whisky online. That way, you’ll save time on searching for the perfect present, yet you can be sure he’ll love it. After all, we all do love some alcohol, right?


Your guy probably loves books, but also travelling and exploring the world. This is a dual sign, so it would be best to get them two small gifts. One part of the present could be a book while the other option could be a leather weekender bag that he will be able to carry around while travelling. This can also mean you’re inviting him to travel together. Why not?


Cancers are extremely emotional and they will cherish everything that’s from the heart. That is why it would be best to choose something that will remind him of the day you met or when you had your first date. The best thing would be to take him to a dinner at that specific restaurant or any restaurant in the area, and get him a small present that will remind him of you. Nothing big, just romantic.


A Leo loves to feel unique and very special, and your job is to provide this to your own Leo. You can choose to get him a nice picture in an elegant and expensive frame (maybe even their own photograph as they are extremely narcissistic), but you could also make your man feel special by giving him a skincare gift box – it could be a men’s moisturiser or a beard shampoo and conditioner gift set.


A Virgo is practical, so make sure not to get them anything they don’t need, and clothes are always a great option. You can get him nice nightwear that you know he’ll like and that’ll make him look very handsome. Also, you can simply take him out shopping and make him choose the gift he wants.


Know that appearances are extremely important for Libras, so make sure that your gift is wrapped up in the most beautiful and romantic way. As for the type of gifts he would like – perhaps a pet, since they don’t like to be alone, or a nice and elegant notebook that he can use. He will definitely cherish the latter, especially if he’s keen on writing things down.


Very kinky by nature, Scorpios are perfect for gift-giving as they will love anything kinky you might find. That is why it’s a good choice to get him jock briefs that he will like and probably spare him the awkward situation of buying them for himself. If he’s not that kind of guy, buy one for yourself and tell him that’s his present!


Is there anything that a Sagittarius loves more than travelling? Probably not, and that’s why getting him a backpack or a suitcase is a great present. If you want to be more original, you can always organize a super-interesting road trip and take him somewhere you would probably never go, such as a cabin in the woods or any other smaller village in your vicinity.


Probably not extremely adventurous, but a Capricorn really loves spending time at home and chilling with his friends or family. For them, buying a board game could be an excellent gift. First of all, it’s not a typical gift and chances are you will delight him with something he still doesn’t have, and secondly, he will definitely not spend his own money on this.


If you are technically knowledgeable, you won’t have a problem choosing a present for an Aquarius, as they love anything that’s techy and cutting-edge. You can choose a Kindle or a latest gadget or phone accessory – there’s nothing he would love more than that. Perhaps add a bit of under-the-sheet fun afterwards, and there you go!


Just like a Cancer, a Pisces also loves present from the heart, and it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is chosen with love and care. They do love to read and live in their own imaginative world, so getting him a book is the perfect choice. If he’s into fiction, choose something from the bestselling list, if not, try to find a book he might enjoy, such as a non-fiction book about movies, or sport or anything that he loves.


If you follow our tips, you’ll see that you’ll make your man very satisfied and happy, and that might turn out to be great for you, as well! Good luck!

Our Guest Blogger Peter is a lifestyle editor at High Street Gent magazine from UK, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.