5 Things Every Healthy Living Man Should Own

Indulging in a healthy lifestyle is extremely popular nowadays. Food detoxes, hitting the gym regularly and caring about our body are just the first steps, but there is so much more to that than it seems. However, you’re able to read all about those in the plethora of articles devoted only to that. This time, let’s focus on the essentials that every man who takes his health and fitness seriously should own:


1. Paraben free cosmetics

No matter if you’re a fitness junkie or not, you use your favorite beauty products daily. However, did you know that a lot of them are rich in paraben, a chemical that increases the risk of testicular cancer or has an effect on reduced sperm count? Even though this is far-fetched, the dangers remain, so if you really want to have a healthy body, you should shift to paraben free cosmetic products. Even though reducing the risk of cancer should be the main reason for doing so, there are other benefits as well, such as going completely natural and organic. Paraben free skincare products will definitely help your skin become much healthier.


2. Gym equipment

A health junkie without proper gym equipment is like a samurai without a sword – it’s just doesn’t work that way. That is why every man who puts his health first needs to have proper fitness equipment for his home workouts. Also make sure to have the appropriate attire for hitting the gym (or training at home or outside) such as high-quality shorts, t-shirts and sneakers. Moreover, focus on the small things that will help you become even healthier, such as a filtered water bottle. You definitely want to filter the toxins found in water, so this seems like an excellent choice. Finally, invest in a good backpack – if you are into healthy lifestyle, you may want to show it and thus encourage others to do the same.


3. Vitamins

Many nutritionists will tell you that you need to take vitamins and supplements, and there are many good reasons for doing so. First of all, they will provide you with all the necessary nutrients that you’re not taking in your regular meals. Also, they can be formulated to fit specific needs, regardless of your age or body shape. If you’re starting with this, you don’t have to go big – just take vitamins or supplements that you will drink before or after working out and you will see the difference very quickly. Talk to your personal trainer or anyone who’s into fitness to tell you what the best supplements are, as you definitely want the high-quality ones.


4. Good blender

Even though blenders are most commonly associated with smoothies, there are many other things that a good blender can be used for. But let’s talk about smoothies for starters. Having a great blender will allow you to start your day off with a nice and healthy smoothie, which is something that your body will be very happy about. In addition, a good blender can also create any type of butter you want, and even flour that you will later one use to make healthy, additive-free bread.


5. Juicer

If we’re already talking about kitchen essentials, we cannot fail to mention a juicer. Say goodbye to all the juices that you buy at the local supermarket – they are full of artificial sugar and flavoring, which means that they are not as healthy for you as they say they are. Instead, invest in a good juicer and allocate 10 minutes every morning to make your own, fresh and healthy juice. Yes, of course, you can buy a freshly squeezed juice in a local bar, but why would you spend a lot of money on one glass of juice if you can make a liter of it for the same price?


Gentlemen, that is it – these are the items that you simply have to own if you’re a health-addict. Also if you’re not, why not try? You’ll see how happier a man you will be.


Our Guest Blogger Peter is a lifestyle editor at High Street Gent magazine from UK, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.