5 Things Every Attractive Man Has in His Wardrobe

All things summed up – you are what you wear. No, the fact you mind your clothes doesn’t make you a superficial prick; it makes you a person conscious of your personal hygiene and style, and that’s incredibly attractive! We’ll have to agree that a number of popularized, extensive elaborations arguing the superficiality of fashion consciousness are absolutely superfluous, and they just need to stay in the last century. Both you and I know that a fashion sense isn’t necessarily linked to a thick wallet, mental triviality or the absence of intellect. It’s about self-respect and being the best version of yourself, about expressing your individuality, and cultivating your sense for all-things-beautiful.

From where we stand, fashion doesn’t recognize gender: everyone deserves to look great, whenever they see fit. On that note, this time around – we’re talking about pieces of wardrobe every man who cares about his appearance should have in his wardrobe as an encouragement for all fashion savvy men out there.

High-quality underwear: Solid-coloured boxer briefs

Your boxers worked just fine when you were 15 and used to get excited at a single thought of having a girl in the room to check them out. Now that you are a man, it’s time you updated your underwear drawer with high-quality black boxer briefs (also known as just ‘briefs’).  Respect yourself enough to stop buying cartoon-themed briefs (or other weird patterns) and stock up on solid colours. The moment they get holes in them, throw them out. Please.

The attitude that matters: An elegant black suit

Proper attire is almost never a quick and cheap find, which is why you want to have your own elegant suit to rely on. A great suit means a perfect fit and a sophisticated cut that agrees with your figure, age and persona. Find a tailor who will design and cut a matching suit jacket and pants according to your own measurements. Throw in a crisp white-collar shirt, a classic tie, and an elegant pair of cuffs (although these are optional). A pair of black dress shoes is essential, as are solid-colour socks. In addition to suits for important occasions and gatherings, tailored men’s wedding suits should also find their way into a man’s closet. The groom should never have to resort to a rental for his big day, nor should the groomsmen.

Classic sports elegance: Fitted jeans

There are few things as attractive as a man wearing the perfect pair of jeans and a plain white t-shirt – at least when we’re discussing the casual end of the spectrum. What most men make a mistake with is choose jeans that are too loose, too wrong colour, too… everything but good. A real man goes for the right jean cut, fit and style based on his personality, just so he could enjoy himself and exude casual confidence. Next time you are choosing your pair of jeans, think in terms of “what cut would make me feel like Don Draper” – and go for it.

A reliable piece: Plain white T

The perfect canvas for sporting a favourite accessory, new haircut, or just embracing classic simplicity, a comfortable white t-shirt is an evergreen piece. Go for the cut that follows your bodyline (hint: slouchy won’t work, sorry).

Staying chill: Your go-to button-down

Personal tastes are one thing; but, having a piece of clothing that’s comfy, casual and goes with any pair of pants is an absolute must. One well-fitting button-down (at least one) in your favourite colour is that ace, casual piece you can rely on when you have no idea what to wear. A button-down is simultaneously casual and sophisticated, making it a perfect top for almost every occasion. To avoid looking washed out and plain, go with a print, but a subtle one.


Our Guest Blogger Peter is a lifestyle editor at High Street Gent magazine from UK, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.