Fun Christmas Gifts Every Guy (Secretly) Wants

There is a Christmas song by Lady Gaga. The lyrics “the only place you wanna be is underneath my Xmas tree”.  Well, if you want your guy to be happy underneath your Christmas tree or your “Christmas tree”.  You should definitely get him a gift that he will cherish and love for many days to come. However, buying a present for a guy can be a tricky operation as you never know how he will react to the present. Is he going to be just satisfied? Or perhaps indifferent? You don’t want that. Since your task is to make him overjoyed with the present so that he could make you overjoyed with anything you want afterwards. Let us help you with a couple of great Christmas presents you could put under the Christmas tree. So, what does Santa say?


1. Santa says… sexy underwear

First of all, underwear is always a good present, especially for men. Even though (hopefully) every single male person wears underwear. We somehow tend to forget to buy them, because we forget that we actually need new pairs of underwear. However, if your guy is meticulous and buys a new pair of briefs every week or month.  Spice it up a notch and get himsome  sexy underwear. For example, sexy raspberry red briefs are excellent for Christmas or New Year’s Eve as they are very festive. Another advantage, you can always ask to see how the briefs look on him, so you get some eye candy as well!

2. Santa says… skincare products

Even though this might sound a bit dull and boring.  Getting someone a skincare product or two, or a gift box set is actually a great idea. There are two types of men in this world, the ones who use skincare products, and the ones who have no idea what that phrase even means. If he’s a part of the first group, then getting him a gift box set is a great idea. Try to find out what his favourite are, and surprise him with it. If he just buys random products and doesn’t think about quality products, get him something that’s a higher quality. However, if he’s in the latter group, you can always present him with some skincare products so that he realizes that he needs to start using them.

3. Santa says… fitness equipment

Is he a gym rat? Then you sure know that you should browse through the fitness equipment department in order to find the perfect gift. Let’s face it – the choices here are limitless. You can either opt for a pair of very cool running shoes, or a t-shirt and shorts of good quality. However, you could also go with men’s running tights as that is something everyone needs but sometimes omits when shopping for fitness equipment. The positive thing is that they won’t be just using them while running, they can also use them in the gym so that the muscles don’t cool out very quickly. You don’t want your guy not to be hot, do you?


4. Santa says… accessories

As far as accessories are concerned, there are guys who love this kind of a present more than any other. And if your man is one of them, then getting him an accessory is definitely the best idea, but make sure that you get him something he doesn’t have or something he longs for. It could be a weekend bag (“so now we could go somewhere next weekend together”) – it’s something all of us need. Moreover, there’s a wide range of excellent watches that you could get him; you can find a nice watch for a reasonable price, just figure out whether he prefers formal or sporty ones.

5. (Naughty) Santa says… sex toys

This could be a great idea for those a bit more open-minded when it comes to sex. If the two of you are into sex that’s a bit out of the ordinary, then you’ll probably like the idea of having a sex toy around you, just to see how that goes. If you want the sex to last longer and have your man maintain his erection way longer than he usually does (we’re not saying he’s bad at keeping an erection!), then your choice should definitely be a cock ring. If, on the other hand, you work a lot and cannot commit yourself to pleasing your guy very often, getting him a flashlight or a stimulating prostate massager is something that will make him very, very happy.


No matter which of these presents you choose, he will be out of this world from joy (which could be a great thing for you, as well!). After all, it’s the thought that counts, and if you really love your boyfriend/friend/friend with benefits, you want to get him something that will make him joyous. Good luck and may you be a great Santa!

Our Guest Blogger Peter is a lifestyle editor at High Street Gent magazine from UK, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.