Pants to Christmas Presents

Gone are the days when men consider pants to be the ‘must not have’ Christmas present. That’s according to ava-j, a British internet retailer of luxury men’s underwear and Skincare products, manufactured in the UK.

Joe Goddard, Design and Operations Director at the Leeds based business says most men are now more than happy to receive such presents on Christmas morning, providing that the quality and style is top notch.

‘Men are more conscious about their appearance than ever before and that includes their pants,’ says Joe. ‘Traditionally it was only ever women who received nicely presented, stylish underwear, but we have now taken those core values of product, packaging and presentation into the male market and the reaction has been incredible, particularly from women buying for their husbands and partners.’

A study carried out by ava-j also revealed that men are in fact the vainer sex, looking at their reflection on average 23 times a day, compared to 16 by women.

Men confessed to ‘mainly’ looking at their appearance to admire themselves and the body parts they like the most. This is in direct contrast to women, the majority of whom said they ‘mainly’ looked at their appearance for reassurance that they look OK, for example, that their make-up is applied correctly. Women also ‘mainly’ focused time spent in front of the mirror on looking at the body parts they are most self-conscious about.

Joe said: ‘Surprisingly, unlike women, men are more likely to spend time in front of the mirror admiring the parts of themselves they are happy with – suggesting vanity is the real purpose behind the time spent looking at reflections. The trend for even those men who opt for a more rugged look to ensure they are well groomed – investing in beard care kits and the like – further reinforces this idea.

In addition to its underwear and Nightwear range ava-j offers a unique range of Skincare products for the modern man. These include carbo carbonis face wash, peppercorn exfoliating body scrub and woodland beard shampoo and conditioner.

They have also recently introduced a range of gift sets incorporating both underwear and grooming products aimed at the Christmas shopping market. Prices start at £20