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Is the birthday of your man or an anniversary around the corner and you have no idea what to get him? They always say that buying gifts for girls is tremendously difficult as no one can know if the present you choose will make her happy, but, let’s admit it – it’s the same with the guys who care about the way they look. So, if you do have to buy a present for your guy in the days or weeks to come, and your boyfriend is fit and handsome (or you want him to be), take a look at these options:

1. Underwear is always a good present

Underwear is the most underrated piece of clothing there is. It doesn’t have to be cheap, and we somehow fail to choose it for a birthday present, probably because of the fact that no one sees it. Well, you might be seeing the underwear on your guy, so buying a pair would be a great choice, especially because we tend to forget we need it. Buying nice jock briefs for example might make your boyfriend extremely happy, since he will, precisely at that time, remember he actually needs them. If your man is more of a boxer briefs kind of guy, that’s also a good option. Make sure, however, to buy ones that are of good-quality in order to make your present even more valuable.

2. Cosmetics is not only for metrosexuals

Due to the fast pace of life and the daily stress we encounter, nowadays, more and more men take care of their skin and body, which is only logical. A guy doesn’t have to be a metrosexual in order to protect and take care of his face; everyone should do it. So, if you see a cleanser, a moisturizer or a facial cream on the bathroom shelf of your man, getting him a skin care gift box might be a great present. If you add, for example, a nice aftershave to the package, maybe you’ll take home the award for the best present giver.

3.  What about accessories?

Here, the options are literally endless. If the guy you’re buying the present for is into indie, punk or metal style, and likes wearing rings, buying a nice male ring is something that will make him happy. Combining that with a nice leather bracelet or a necklace might be even better. However, if they don’t like being accessorized in that way, you can always go with a belt, a good watch or a classic leather weekend bag we always need. It’s perfect for business meetings or short business trips, a weekend getaway out of town, or simply for days when one small bag is not enough.

4. Gym Equipment for Sporty Guys

If the previous one is definitely not your guy’s cup of tea, you should go with fitness equipment. Going into the local sport equipment store (or browsing online), you might see dozens and dozens of ideas that your guy will like if he’s into the gym. For example, buying bodybuilding shoes might do the trick, just make sure you know his size. Moreover, sport t-shirts and shorts could also be a great present, especially because the good-quality ones are not that cheap and sporty people always need an extra one.

5. Suit him up

There’s nothing that looks better on a fit, handsome guy than a tailored suit. Even though buying one might cost you a fortune, there’s always the possibility of buying him a perfect tie and a matching pocket square. Make sure to pick a pattern he can pull off, though. If you add a golden pin to the collection, this might as well be his favourite present. You have secured his outfit for future formal events, or you have simply completed his business attire.

 Don’t think too much when buying a present for your guy, since the best ones are the things we somehow forget. If you follow these tips and really know the person you’re buying the present for, you definitely cannot pick a wrong one. 


Our Guest Blogger Peter is a lifestyle editor at High Street Gent magazine from UK, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.